Hi I'm Nat. Sometimes I draw things and this is where they go.
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a woman in black

yvette hawke scribble

*casually never finishes painting*

hair is dumb


*draws character* hmm better add in a background so theyre not just standing around on a white backdrop

*draws single flatcolor circle behind character* perfect

someday i will get lotro to work mark my words

i feel sick and cant art wah

just ‘cause im presumin’ that i could be a human if i only had a heart

Lilya Mahariel taking a stroll through Brecilian Forest.

frostbite883 asked: I can imagine two year old Son Pan making an attempt to fly (after watching Piccolo do it) by jumping off Kami's Lookout while concentrating her chi to do just that...but only ended up floating a little before falling. I also see Piccolo saving Panny before she falls.

*muffled screaming*

sorry about lack of art my computer is being a little shit lately

of course i survived you idiot im fine stop crying

who that?

*replaces slightly boring male character full of wasted potential and secondhand embarrassment with an original female character just because i can*

go back? no good at all! go sideways? impossible! go forward? only thing to do! on we go!